City Based: Los Angeles, California

Genre: Tech house, House, Deep House, Melodic Tech House, Progressive House, Minimal, Techno

Live Streams 2021: Desert Hearts TV, Dirty Bird TV, Abracadabra, Mary Droppingz TV, DECKREKORD, Sims Summit Live, & Itai & Friends TV.

Played Alongside: Justin Jay, Super Flu, Stacey Pullen, Ardalan, Ocean Roulette, Mikey Lion, Marques Wyatt, Evan Casey, Burak Yeter, Mary Droppinz, Gettoblaster, Fernanda Pistelli, vVibe Tribe, Anton Tumas, Aeroplane, Flight Facilities, Luke Andy, Hint Of Lavender, Mitch Dodge, Oren, Ofier, Classixx, Monoky, Saand, Siavash, DEAD-TONES, Ramona Wouters, Curt Reynolds, Shawni Motta, CRSTO, Dj Dan, Patricio Motta, Lovestruckk, Dj Zach Walker, Holmar, Atish, Holder, Rachel Torro, Tara Brooks, & Dance Spirit.


Antoinette Van Dewark is a DJ & Producer born and raised in Northern California, focusing on the vibe of frequencies over predictable genre selections. While incorporating live elements such as bass, singing, and her push 2 over her performances, she channels frequencies worth remembering. Antoinette has played on stages like, LIB, Burning Man, Don't Trip, and twitch platforms like Dirty Bird TV, Desert Hearts TV and Abracadabra.


Antoinette has a double residency with Blondish's label Abracadabra. Forgotten Magic a 4 hour musical exploration with special guests. Get lost in rediscovering from 3rd eye wisdom, psychedelic inspiration, and live elements of deep groovy the exploration of frequencies. Each set she dives deep into sharing stories that she deems remembering-worthy.

Tuesdays 5-9 pm PST


Did you forget? Podcast

When you realize you forget, you understand what to remember. Talks with inspiring humans about what to remember.

Wednesdays 1-3 pm PST






Labels to find Antoinette Van Dewark on:

Currently looking for new Management  :: info@antoinettevandewark.com